The Wind Unicorn

There are multiple varieties of unicorns and one of the most fascinating is the Wind Unicorn.The Wind Unicorn is known to control the weather with its mythical horn.

What do you think the appearance of the Wind Unicorn would look like? In fact, they are very similar to the majority of unicorns. Like most unicorns, they have majestical wings, extended horns, horse shaped bodies and have an eyesight of an angel. Typically, they are see through and are flyable. However, a couple have been spotted as just a very light white and can not fly. Also, their wings glitter, when they are elated or brave.

No one actually knows where the Wind Unicorn lives during the weathers that have no wind at all. People expect that they live somewhere cold and breezy but really they spend most of the time in the clouds as aeroplanes fly by giving a refreshing breeze.

Are Wind Unicorns dangerous? Most people think not because they’re just made out of air but really if you annoy them, they can take away your air. If you treat it like an angel, they can provide you with more air. 

Because these creatures are incredibly rare, you should take the opportunity to observe their spectacular features if you see one. 

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