Evacuee By Ewan SWW

“Remember don’t go near the old house, Skyler “, groaned Mrs Hill “and stay away from the end of the garden James,” Mrs. Hill shouted as the wind howled above her voice. In the summer, they would do jobs and help around the house. If James was lucky he could see his friends.

Today was their first day of school, they were so excited to see their friends but nervous because they haven’t had an air raid so they might attack today. Skyler was there to help him to get through it when he sat in the class room filled with children. The chatter spread across the class room until the teacher came in with his cane as soon as he walked in they all sat up straight with terrified eyes.

At home James and Skyler had a bunch of chores before school and after school it included washing the dishes, making food and feeding the animals. They lived in the loft. James and Skyler had two small table cabinets, a bed each and a sheet of cloth and a light. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. “It isn’t like home,” whispered James, hoping no one could hear him.

Whilst James was dozing off, he saw a hole in the pig pen. One of the pigs were missing this was as if the pig observed and learnt a time table. It escaped every night to do something and he was going to find out why.

When James went inside to find Skyler, she was all ready up and he told her what saw and they started searching.

He searched through the fields until sun rise and then they found it.

He saw the pig by the mountain like it was scouting out for German troops when they got to the pig the saw a strange mark that looked like a military’s roundle.

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