Part 1 SWW


Part 1

Autumn gazed out of the window and looked at the bright green fields, there was an old looking cottage. Vines dangled from top to bottom of the cottage and there were dead trees and flowers that looked like they hadn’t been watered in days.

At school Autumn was having trouble making friends. At the moment she only had three friends Liam, Charlotte and Ellie, “Its quite hard to make friends here” Said Charlotte
“I agree” said Liam and Ellie. At lunch the teacher let the class eat outside, after lunch it was English. Autumn was in year 2 she didn’t understand a lot of Math and English but she is kind and helpful.

Back at home, for dinner they had a bowl of vegetables, Pork Sausages and Karo syrup, Autumn went and fed her pet dog named Oreo.
Autumn was thinking about her mum and dad because when she evacuated from the city and she got separated from her parents, she had to live with someone else. My dad is busy fighting in the war and my mum is working in the hospital.

In the school a book corner sits in the corner of the classroom. Desks lined in rows are duly pale, pictures of the children’s school years are spread across the walls.

There is no pictures of Autumn on the walls as she is an evacuee, well she is on the evacuee picture wall. She sees Mrs Coral creeping into the school. Autumn climbs out of her unique, birch wood window eager to follow her.
As she is running towards the school she passes: A collection of trees and the bakery.

She just saw Mrs Coral go into the basement underneath the floor. Eagerly she follows Mrs Coral into the basement, Autumn gasped a Tasmanian Tiger, as she thought they were extinct! As she hears the door lock behind her. Autumn put her hand on the Tasmanian Tiger and stoked it and its paw on the wall and pressed down a brick, the door swung open.

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