Part 1 When the sky falls Winnie sww

Elizabeth stared out at the black and white dots spread out all over the fields and watched the snow white bunnies hopping in the lush green meadow. She sat in window seat listening to the fresh mountain water running through the the Forests grounds and then into their lake. She stood up, brushed the crumbs from her dress: due to her crummy bread sandwich she had for Lunch. Her laced up boots sounded on the wooden floor and her knotted blonde hair was tangled on her oak coloured buttons. She wore a pink dress with a white lace and green cuffs.

” Elizabeth your tea’s ready and the scones are warm as well,” called Miss Haller. She owned the small cottage near the farm with her husband, Mr Haller, owns. But he had went out to fight for Britain. On
Thursday Elizabeth was walking to school and that was were they sang hymns and prayed for the country. At break they would do skipping and make funny songs about ******. But in the afternoon Elizabeth and her class mates were called in to do math’s question in front of the hole class. She had never been that good at Maths and she had normally got in a bad mood when she had to do it in front of every face in the cruel world. She had even seen the cane in her old school back in the city.

On a school morning, Elizabeth would get up at six o’ clock and dress up in her warm boots and her coat lined with fox fun an take a walk over the gravel lightly coated in icing sugar like frost, that would lead her all the way over to the sheep pen. That was were she would tend to her favorite lamb Mary. She would pick grass from the fresh side of the field. Mainly because they have eaten most of the grass on the other side. The lamb was milk white and her coat as soft as snow. After she did that she would feed the chickens and fatten up the pig. Miss Haller said it was for a good reason.

At the end of the day she would go up to the attic room. It had old photos on the wall and it even had a bathroom inside of the house. Miss Haller said to her it wasn’t a real toilet it was just a chamber pot under the bed. She up with a start. She looked at the alarm clock on her bed side table and noticed it was nearly midnight. She tiptoed out of her bed and walked over to the window and saw Miss Haller walking out into the forest. What was she doing. She had never done this before. What was she doing.

When Elizabeth got down stairs she tiptoe out of the door and opened the front gate leading into a path next to the sheep field. She heard the whistling wind and the howl of the wolves. The owls hooted in the in the night and the gentle purr of cats. Faint barks of dogs in the distance and the moan of sheep that cry at the sound of the hungry fox that begs for a bloody meal to enjoy with its fiery orange pups.

She could see the owls that hide in trees there Cup like eyes and she could smell the sweat smell of a burning fire. A shiver went down her spine. She knew she was getting close. She heard Miss Haller talking. She was really close.

She could smell a smell that made her nose turn up. She walked a bit closer and turned the flash light on. Miss Haller had saw her and there was something way more suspicious than her walking out on Elizabeth. There was a crashed germen plane. Mr Haller was a German soldier.

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