When the sky falls part 1 Eloise SWW

Kendall carefully picked up her favourite book and showed Miss Rose, and then started to read. Stumbling over the words, she carried on in determination. After finishing the first chapter of The Railway Children, Miss Rose went to grab some tea and biscuits. ” Your reading is getting much better, Kendall. It really is. You just have to remember that sometimes, the letter C sounds like an S. Like lace, or race. But I think you need a rest. Take a custard cream and head up to bed, I’ll call you when supper’s ready.” Kendall did as she was told and tip-toed up to bed, realising that the short-tempered cat, Slink, was on the landing. She pulled down the ladder to the attic and climbed up, counting each step. ” Seven, eight, nine,” she muttered under her breath. When she reached the top, she picked up her quilt that was lying on the dusty floor and put it round her like a cape. Her mattress on the floor had small holes in it, but she didn’t mind. She slowly drifted into a deep sleep, and didn’t wake up when Miss Rose called for supper.

Light streamed in through Kendall’s window, and the smell of bacon surrounded her room. She remembered it was a school day, and slipped on her uniform and grabbed her satchel. When she reached the kitchen, there were two plates of bacon and egg and a glass of home made orange juice. Miss Rose finished her breakfast and made a mock banana sandwich and wrapped it in paper. ” Your lunch, Ken, and a slice of fruit cake as a treat.” said Miss Rose. ” Now off you go, you don’t want to be late for your first day.” she said. Kendall packed her bag and walked out the door. Luckily, the village school was only five minutes away. When she arrived, she saw many children her age running around and skipping with ropes, playing hop scotch, and some children playing tag. Kendall felt homesick and wished she was back home with her mum. She walked over to the corner of the playground, away from the children. A girl then appeared next to Kendall and started talking.
” Hi! My names Madlyn, though everybody calls me Maddie, or Mads. Are you an evacuee from London? I already go to this school, don’t worry, most of the children are very welcoming! Anyway, what’s your name?” she said. Kendall was taken aback. She hadn’t wanted anything to do with anyone. But Maddie seemed nice, and had already made her feel welcome. Maybe this was the start of a new friendship?
” My names Kendall, and yes, I’m an evacuee from London.” she said.
” Would you like to be friends? You can sit next to me and I can introduce you to some people. Would you like that?” asked Maddie. Kendall was amazed. She had only been in the playground for five minutes and somebody already wanted to be her friend!
” I would like that very much!” she replied. Suddenly, the school bell rang. All the pupils ran to get inside. Maddie grabbed Kendall’s arm.
” Come on, lets head on inside!” she said.

After a busy day of arithmetic, writing with ink and learning, Kendall walked out of school with her new best friend. Maddie walked home with Kendall.
” Well, here is my home! Thank you so much for helping me today.” said Kendall. She walked inside and said bye to Maddie.
” Miss Rose, I’m home!” Miss Rose walked into the hallway, and helped Kendall take off her coat and bag.
” So, how was it? Did you learn lots? Tell you what, I’ve made some tea, and got the biscuits out. We can have a feast, you can tell me then, ok?” Kendall agreed and sat down on the rocking chair. Miss Rose sat opposite her.
” Guess what, Miss Rose! I made a new friend! Her name is Maddie! And, she introduced me to her classmates!” said Kendall.
” Wow, isn’t that kind! Did you learn anything?” replied Miss Rose.
” We did math, and wrote with ink!”

When Kendall went to bed that night, she discovered something odd. She decided to look at the stars from her bedroom window, and got out of bed. When she reached the window, Kendall realised that Miss Rose was also out of bed! Kendall peered closer, and saw that Miss Rose was heading inside the shed! Then it hit Kendall. Miss Rose had a secret. There was something in the shed, and it had to be secret, because, why would she have to go out at night? This made Kendall curious, so she got back into bed and made a mental list of things she could be hiding. An animal? Weapons? Food? A person? Whatever it was, Miss Rose didn’t want Kendall to know about it. She had never seen her go to the shed during the day. Kendall decided she had to find out what Miss Rose was hiding.

The next night, Kendall waited to hear the back door opening. To double check that Miss Rose was out there, she hurried to her window to see. The speck of light from Miss Rose’s lantern outlined her body. Quickly, Kendall slipped on her coat over her pyjamas and ran out the door after Miss Rose. She made sure to be fast, but quiet. She didn’t want to get in trouble. The shed keys rattled in Miss Rose’s nimble fingers.

Suddenly as if hearing something, Miss Rose turned around. Kendall had been caught!
” Kendall? What on earth are you doing? You’re supposed to be asleep!”
” What are you doing, Miss Rose? Why are you going to the shed every night? I know you have a secret Miss Rose!”

Kendall landed in Miss Rose’s arms after running up to her.
” Oh, Ken, you’re so cold! Thank goodness you put your coat on! You need to get back to bed. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, you need to get to bed!”
” Please Miss Rose, tell me your secret! You can’t keep it from me! Please!” said Kendall.
” Kendall, I don’t have time for this! Look, I’ll make you some tea, and get some biscuits.”
” No, Miss Rose! ”
” Ken. Bed, now!” Ken was too tired to argue, so she went to bed.
Darkness surrounded her, and the shed was suddenly in front of her, pulling her forward and- Kendall woke up, panting. Luckily it was a weekend. She had Saturday and Sunday to find out the secret. Miss Rose was still sleeping when Kendall passed the bedroom. She swiped the shed keys off the counter top, and ran out the door.

She tried all the keys, until, one of them worked! The shed door slammed open and on the small work table was a box. The lid was tilted. It beckoned Kendall forward and she opened the lid. The box was filled of…
” Kendall! Where on earth are you? You had better not be in the shed!” Miss Rose called. Kendall ran inside and grabbed the cereal, to make it look like she had been getting breakfast. But she was too late.
” Kendall! How dare you open the box of jewels when I told you not to!”

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