When the world falls chapter 1 Ellie SWW

When the World falls.

Violet has been scared of chocolate bars for as long as Charlotte can remember.​ So when the twins got to the house, Charlotte is eager to tell Miss Cherry that. Miss Cherry is a Farmer, sometimes they help her pick the strawberries to make strawberry pie. They live in a three room cottage, one room is Charlotte’s, the second is Violet’s and the third belongs to Miss and Mister Cherry. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they go to school, on the other days they help at the farm. Miss Cherry had a son fighting in the war but last week she received a letter saying that he died in a bombing attack. If they mention it she will go really quiet, and start thinking about him. Violet learnt that the hard way.

When Charlotte and Violet are at Perfect Primary on Tuesdays and Thursday they try to be friendly at school, although they don’t really know anyone. Their new teachers name is Miss Ami Marmalade. They do their homework after school everyday, before going out into the forest to play. The reason they like the forest is that it has all kind of Animals, and they can freely attempt to climb trees. Violet does not try to climb some trees instead, she gets out a mirror from her rucksack to do her hair. Yesterday, Charlotte managed to climb a tree!

Their daily routine is to get up at half five, do the farming chores, eat breakfast, then do more family chores, and then go to the forest and then they come back and eat dinner. At the dinner table, even with the war Mister Cherry (Miss Cherry’s brother), and Miss Cherry join them for dinner. There unhelpfully isn’t much more I can say about their home life.

The only thing that is off about the Cherries is how they go into the forest every day. They say they have business there but Charlotte can’t help but wonder what it could be. At exactly 9pm every night even during a bombing, they get dressed, grab some food from the fridge and set off. Charlotte told Violet except, she didn’t believe her so, Charlotte somehow got Violet to stay up tonight they sat in the ginormous window frame in Charlotte’s bedroom what they would find that night would change there lives forever.

Charlotte suddenly sprints off at the speed of light. Violet sighs and realises she must follow her sister. Charlotte bolts of, out, the door, and towards the forest, Violet closing in on her sister. Charlotte realises this and suddenly stops and climbs up the old climbing tree. Violet breaths in, sighs, and climbs. Violet, climbs! For the first time in her life she climbs . 5 minutes later they are laughing while swinging and jumping from branch to branch.

As they climb down and embark into a clearing they see a leopard, and wildcat treehouse (its a treehouse with Leopards and Wildcats in) I know it sounds weird but its true. They climb around the treehouse with the Leopards and Wildcats. When the leopards offer them a ride Charlotte hops on the back and so does Violet, when they remember some thing, “Oh no, Violet were going to get back after the Cherries wake up!”
“Kittie can you give us a ride?” Of course Kittie didn’t respond but she gave a meowing sound that sounded like a yes. “Lula can you give me a ride too?” She responded in the same way as Kittie did so they took that as a yes. Lula and Kittie we enjoying the run very much so were Charlotte and violet, when they got back they hurried back they called “Thanks Lula, Kittie.” and hurried into their bedrooms just before the morning.

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