chapter 1

David  Suttern  never  wanted  to  leave  his  family  but  he  had  to  go .Once  he  stared  out  of  the  diamond  glass  window  he  started  to  wipe  all  of  his tears away that rolled down his rough red cheeks.


His first day of school felt really really long because he was really fidgety and he easily got distracted. His teacher makes him sit next to him on the front row so he can watch whatever he does. Once he even  slept in class and  his strict teacher Mr

Sweeny shouts at him so loud that he instantly wakes up.  When it was home time, David was getting ready to race out of class as fast as a cheetah to try and get home 



The school hours turned to days and every day David started to feel that he belonged to 

his class.Then he began to get home quicker because Mr Sweeney kept him in less and less. Outside, there was a giant bushy apple tree that hides in the distance and patches of hay that lay down on the green grass. Inside, the dust  floats in the air and  the tiny little spiders crawl on the dusty walls.


Every night, David gets woken up because of the rusty and broken gate that gets opened by Mrs Booth all the time.The gate leads to the deep dark forest where she disappears in the night. David wants  to know about this mystery so he jumps out of bed, gets his shoes on and disappears into the forest too. As David watches through the trees he sees Mrs booth open a shed door and something long and slimy comes out…. It is a snake!  




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