Chapter 1

Chapter 1

It was a hot summer day at Lake Side Burrow. Ronnie asked Mum if she could get the paddling pool out, she said “no not right now as your cousin Rebecca is coming to stay.”

Rebecca and Ronnie went out to play. Ronnie’s Mum, Chelsea told them both not to go too far. Ronnie’s little brother, Chicago wanted to go as well. They weren’t very happy with this idea but let him tag along anyway.

After a while of playing, they all got distracted and got lost. Poor little Chicago was terrified and hungry. Rebecca and Ronnie didn’t know what to do.

This whole time Ronnie was wearing a backpack, they opened it quickly. They found some snacks and a map that their Mum had put in. It said at the back ‘Dear my darling’s. I knew this day would come. Back at home there is a terrible war, this map will help you find your way to safety. Do not worry Grandmother’s there waiting for you. Good luck Mum’.

They set off on their BIG journey scared and worried little rabbits. They walked a bit further; they could feel the warmth of the air from the Hot Sauna against their faces.

Would they make it? Would they all survive?

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