Chapter 1

Chapter 1
It was a cold frosty morning. Ava woke up to the sound of birds singing, she got out of her sleeping bag and started to get dressed into her school uniform. She lived in a tent, so she couldn’t do everything that you normally do on a school day. Ava woke up, got dressed, nibbled the bread that she’d stolen the night before and then headed off with the stolen newspaper tucked under her arm.

Slowly, she opened the tent door and started to walk. A couple of steps later, she found herself in the freaky forest. It was a maze of trees! Every corner she turned there was a dead-end. As she was walking, she came across the Lock Lake, she didn’t dare to go there, she’d heard so many stories about weird creatures here, so she carried on looking for a different way out. Finally, after walking for what seemed like hours, she was able to find an exit out of the freaky forest.
In the distance she saw a mountain, she decided to head straight for it. She though that this would be `The Marvellous Mountain that she’d read about in the newspaper. Ava’s sister had told her not to go wandering and that she should head straight for school. But no Ava wanted to investigate more. She knew that this wasn’t just a normal school day, this was her first day at her new school. But the mountain was calling her, it had to be fate.

Ava didn’t want to hike or even climb the mountain; she wasn’t fit enough for that, so she just thought of the positive stuff instead. ‘Marvellous Mountain’ the sign came into site. She was more determined than ever now. She knew that this was part of her quest. Off she went… even after a couple minutes of hiking, she was out of breath, but it was all about was the quest, she had to do it.
Would Ava survive and reach the summit?

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