Chapter 1 leaving the warren

Finally,they were ready to leave.


One afternoon, Frankie the Squirrel  came to warn Red Water Warren that the Gorm was planning to invade the Warren , they only had a Warren made out of sand.They would never survive, only when they were quite surprised when a lone Gorm rider came to the border of the sandy warren.They were taken for prisoner. Meanwhile, little did the red water guards know that it was not going to be an easy battle for them.


There were only three rabbits who escaped who were called Pod,Pipa and baby Prue. They ran as far as they could, Later on, they reached the place they needed to be which was the Dread Mountains.    They needed to carry on moving because they could freeze to death. When they got to the end of Dread Mountains  they realised the Gorm camp was in front of them,they walked slowly and carefully to the Murky Caves.


All of the little rabbits clutched each other’s hand in fear ,they walked in the gloomy black cave. It looked like a black hole and felt like one.Luckily Pod brought his fiery lantern so he and his siblings  could see where they were going.When a bat flew out of the cave all shrieked in terror.


Soon they had all reached the end of the scary, gloomy cave.It would be a bit further until they reached Moonlit Warren.They were getting exhausted. Eventually they found a place to stay.


Later on, they were munching on lettuce, a large loaf of bread and cheese and crackers.The sun was setting and Prue was fast asleep then Pod and Pipa were asleep too.


In the morning,they set off to Moonlit Warren where they were about half an hour away.They needed to speak with the leader of the warren

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