Jack I -Chapter 1 Leaving the Warren

Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 


As soon as the new year came, they were ready to escape…


At direct midnight of the new year, everyone was resting after putting up their decorations for the new year celebrations in Taiga Warren. Their tamed fox came to the warren, bumped on the door and made a cute little noise to warn the rabbits that the mysterious warriors were on their way and just entering the Taiga forest.


So it was the three little rabbits Roscoe Rykou and little Redge, left their home. Their mother had quickly sent them off so they could take the secret, hidden, underwater trail (that is miles long) so they could get to deserted burrow, (a small place but quite thriving with rabbits and with wise rabbits that might know about the secrets of the sands.


Using a map Rykou was given, they set off. They could take the secret, underground, iron-proof door to the tunnel but they will be stranded in the open in the desert when they arrive, or they could take the longer less-riskier route but it will take days and they could run into the mysterious warriors, and no one wants to figure what will happen if they go that way. So they had to go risky…


After hours of moaning and groaning, they were close to the sand rock (the hidden base which is their entrance to the deserted desert). They were getting sand in their eyes as soon as they poked their heads up, so Redge put there head in Rykou’s they walked for about half an hour but then, all three of them fell down a particularly huge sand dune and rolled right into a pyramid. In that pyramid there was a giant wall blocking their path with what looked like an ancient puzzle on. Roscoe went up to the wall and flipped a couple of ancient symbols, Rykou thought if they got the right combination it would open and take them to the exit or what seemed like the exit at least. After a good ten minutes Roscoe flipped something which led downstairs where there was a fancy farm with a beautiful waterfall with fresh water. Because it was getting dark the three decided to stay there for the night, so they found some blankets to lie on but Redge remained in Rykou’s cloak. Hopefully they have a good sleep because who knows what time they will wake up because they are underground so they will not know if it is day or not.


After a rough sleep on the old carpet Rykou got up first then shortly after Redge did the two had some food and drink and then Roscoe woke up and ate a whole bunch of food and drank lots of water too. After a good night’s sleep they were lucky and opened the door and walked back in the desert for about an hour then they made it to deserted burrow and knocked on the door.


Were the desert rabbits going to let the almost supplyless rabbits in or not, who knows?

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