Chapter 1 – Leaving the Warren 


Finally, they were ready to journey through this corrupted land


That afternoon, Bushy Water Warren had a message From the chief saying “the germ are attacking the fresh land village and they’re coming for us next!”

No one would be safe on this side of the island.

The tracks in this warren were too old to withstand these metallic beasts.


So it was the three little rabbits, Jen Jim and James left their home and set off on their journey to get to safety. Once the rabbits reach their three destinatinations they would be safe from all dangers. They found an ancient map in the floorboards of the warren to guide them.


Clutching the ancient map that they found, the little pack of rabbits set off to their first destination, Crystal Tree. They started walking across the rickety bridge, which is twenty years old. Jim heard a loud bang coming from flesh land village.

“That must be the Germ!” whispered Jim

They continued, the germ was getting closer to Bushy Water Warren

Clang! The crash of metal shattered their spines

Jen squeaked “their close!” 


After a few minutes of running, they sat under a tree, they realised the tree was blue and the grass was blue. They were under the Crystal Tree.

“This looked cooler than I thought it would!” mumbled all of them.


“It’s getting dark. I think we should find shelter.” muttered Jen.


That night, they ate some vegetable soup and some dry banana chips. All of the little rabbits got some moss and put it over them and went to sleep. Will they ever make it to the bunker or the cafe hide out?  

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