That Fateful Night

Olivia Hollow had been hesitant about leaving home. She is a 10 year old girl who is one of the many young evacuee’s in her hometown, Loockwood Village  .  She didn’t want to realize that she would have to decampe to Bismark but she knew it would eventually be forced upon her. Everyday and everynight she is thinking of her family- her home. She stares out of the grimmy attic window every morning as the sun wakes , allowing its yellow light to cover the cottage, wondering what her Mother was doing and if Carol was awake doing the same thing as herself, looking out of her window and wondering if her sister could see her. She always clenched her fists at the thought of not being there to support her sister, causing them to look like they had just seen a ghost. She missed going to the cattle market, she missed hearing the numerous good mornings being addressed to her. She slept in the attic that Mrs Ezmerelda’s son used to sleep in, Olivia figured out quite quickly that her son was in the war and battling for his favorite Country-France. Miss Ezmerelda detested being reminded of her son. She always shivered or moved a little when he was mentioned. Olivia wasn’t known as a fool and after only one short conversation about him, she knew that she was never to speak of the matter again. 


Her first day at school was quick. She learned a bit of Math, English and Geography. Her teacher was compatic for the first day, his name was Mr Hills. He quickly figured out that Olivia needed quite a lot of aid in Math so he scolded her a little before sitting her in the back of the classroom. Sitting there in the back of the classroom was tedious. She began working on the addition questions with a small pen, scruffy book and a plastered frown on her face. Her work wasn’t the worst but definitely not the best. The letters looked like they had been written by an animal and her answers.. not good. She just kept her head down all day so as to not stir up any troubles, she shot out of the door like a bullet once the day was declared to be over.


The weeks got quicker and quicker as they went by, Olivia began to construct a routine. Her days were spent getting lectured about her awful Math then helping Miss Ezmeralda as soon as she got into the old, weary house. She helped grow some vegetables and if they’re ready, hauling them out of the ground-  holding onto the vegetables like they were  her children. Olivia then had to make her way to the chickens to collect their eggs, bring them back inside in a small bucket and  go back outside and lock them up. Olivia always walked past Eeyore, Miss Ezmerelda’s donkey and gave him a little scratch- possibly a carrot. Soon, Winter arrived with a cool welcome. 


Last night however, things were different. Olivia stood at the opened attic window, listening to the owls singing, the wind breathing and the chickens chattering about how irritating their days were. She watched as the sun disappeared for its night’s  rest and the moon returned to light up the night.  Not much happened, not until this one night. Every night, Miss Ezmerelda snuck out, holding only a lantern to light the way for her, she made her way to starlight woods( a large, eerie wood.) Why did she always sneak out? What was she hiding from Olivia?


Olivia didn’t wait too long to find out, that was the night that she made a huge mistake. She grabbed her brown coat and propelled her boots on. She  grabbed a smaller lantern and lit it with a faint light and rushed out to follow her guardian. Olivia quickly found her and began walking behind, ducking in bushes as she looked behind her and being careful not to make a sound. Miss Ezmerelda stopped in front of a gate and turned, she turned and saw Olivia. Olivia stood, paralised in fear as a haunting smirk appeared on Miss Ezmereldas face. Olivia heard noises coming from somewhere behind the gate. They were growling noises.  Miss Ezmerelda grabbed the lever stuck on the side of the gate and forced it down, the gate lifted itself and out came a big, powerful Wolf.. It began sauntering towards the shaking Olivia as she stood there, her legs were refusing to move for her, she closed her eyes.

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