The Mystical Opal- Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A few hundred years ago, there were brothers called Podkin and Pipkin. They were determined, brave and adventurous. Although Podkin was the oldest, Pipkin was the cleverest, the most sensible and the most responsible. Podkin spent most his spare time planning mischievous tricks and thinking up practical jokes.

So, when they woke up unusually early, they decided to find the magical opal of Steelheart. Many rabbits had attempted to discover the mystical opal, but none had succeeded. However, this did not daunt the two brothers. Hoping that their parents were sleeping soundly, the two rabbits raided the weapon room in hope of finding a suitable weapon for their adventurous challenge. A heavy, metal, silver shield clattered to the tiled floor noisily. Podkin stood as still as a statue, listening nervously for someone to come storming in, while Pipkin carried on rummaging through various swords.

Hearing rhythmic snores fade behind them, the two brothers crept out of their stifling burrow into the sharp, fresh air outside. They sat down and Pipkin uncrumpled the map he had sensibly brought with him. They both gazed at it until presently Pipkin said:

“We’ve come out of Crumbly Catacomb, but we still have to adventure through Whispering Woods, Mountains of Misery and Frantic Falls to finally arrive in Golden Grasslands. It’s going to be a long, tedious journey. Are you sure you’re ready?”

“I’m ready,” answered Podkin, confidently patting his belt where his dagger lay.

The bold brothers walked in silence for a long time. The sun started shining through the mist and animals of all kinds woke up. Pipkin saw the shadows and shuddered. Were they ever going to complete this daring quest? Would they survive?  


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