The secret

Kai Lawson hadn’t wanted to leave his family. He spied out of the 

kitchen window. He jumped onto the counter and felt a sudden tear roll from his red cheek.        


His first day of school was like a nightmare. The students were as mean as a wicked witch but the teacher was as nice as my old teacher, Miss Cook. Miss Downes suddenly realised that Kai was not paying attention. While he was sitting on the back table, where the teacher couldn’t see him, Kai frowned as he read out of his book repeatedly. 


Each morning, Kai wonders what she is up to… He didn’t want to wait any longer. One day, Kai decided to go find out what she was doing so he sneaked out of bed, put on some clothes and crept into the woods. When he arrived, he heard some kind of howl but it wasn’t a dog howl, it was a big and deep howl. Spying through the bushes, he saw Miss Cook slowly stroking her secret… A WOLF!

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