The secret

Pie John had not wanted to be abandoned by his own mother. He glared out of his bedroom window looking across to the train station for his mother, wiping his tears that rolled down his face.


His first day of school felt like years ago. The teacher was 31 years old and her name was Mrs Cook. She realised that Pie had been fidgeting. Sitting on the first row, so the teacher could keep an eye on him, Pie was rocking on his chair instead of copying out the alphabet. As soon as the bell rang, he ran rapidly like a bull was chasing him.


The days were like months and Pie started to feel more organised. He would spend his time waking up early in the morning and going to school and work. He would then study at home. Outside, there is lawned grass, a little wooden barn for the chicken and a scarecrow keeping watch over the water for the cows and the hay. Inside it is dark and silent with cobwebs in the corner.


Each morning, Pie is woken up by the sound of the front gate creaking like you step on the wrong step. Another morning he wakes up before she goes out. He looked through his old curtains in the window and saw her going in the woods doing no good. The next morning, Pie woke up seeing her going into the woods so he wondered if he should follow Mrs Booth or not. He figured that he should go. So Pie got up, wore his shoes and got out of the house and went on a journey in the woods following Mrs Booth. She went in the middle with some food until he heard a howl, not a small weak howl but a big deep howl. He peeked through the bush and he saw her feeding an animal. It was her secret animal…


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