The secret of the town.

John Moore was a 7 year old boy who was in the war. He went to the countryside to a house with  a woman called Mrs. Batty who was taking care of him. She fed him vegetables from the garden. She had a pet dog called Joe. She would take it on walks to the forest.


The countryside they lived in was up in the hills. There were some houses and a small school. 

John woke up, had some breakfast and then went to school. When he would come home he would play in the small place.


 Every night before he would go to bed Mrs. Batty would always take Joe inside of the forest. John was very suspicious of her because she would bring large meat that was meant for them. She would go to the forest at midnight. One day he followed her because she was very paranoid he was following her until she stopped. 


There was an old cabin with a big animal inside. It crept along the walls like a bug. It was a big spider. It was so scary that John ran away when it went to him. The spider had a huge web at the wall. It looked like a hexagon on the wall. There were loads of flowers and a picture of the spider. He went home and went to bed. He woke up but the spider was just a dream. Everything was normal until Mrs. Batty said to John “Did the spider frighten you?” Then John’s heart stopped in fear. Was it a dream? Or was it real. He had to see for himself.


He went in the morning to the woods and saw a cabin. He had a flashlight and a stick. When he went inside he saw a massive spider crawling on the floor like the size of a big shoe. It made a noise then chased him. He went around the houses screaming. He was so horrified that he ran into the house and Mrs Betty got food and gave it to the spider for it to go away.

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