Where Blood Rains

Grace Smith hadn’t liked the idea of leaving home. She didn’t understand the purpose of leaving home. She could take care of herself; she didn’t need anyone to do that for her. Grace gazed out the window, beyond miles of the snow-covered fields. Ever since she’d got here she had been forced to live in the little storage room which was in the back of the house near the garden. Mrs Jones had forced her into the storage room although she’d had an extra room she’d told me it was her husband’s room and she wasn’t going to give it to some stranger


Her first day of school had passed by. The teacher was a tender-hearted man named Mr Johnson. He was shocked when he’d discovered that Grace had never been to a school before since she had a poor family. Mr Johnson had also discovered that Grace was incredible in her studies. He was surprised that she had never been to a school before but she was this good at reading and writing. Grace had told him she liked to read. She sat at the front of the classroom. Mr Johnson came up to her and gave her some books and for the last half of the day she spent her time reading. Soon the school bell rang and she left school.


Once she had reached back at Mrs Jones house she searched for her but couldn’t find her anywhere. Grace started to get anxious. While walking to her room she heard a noise from upstairs. She quietly and slowly went upstairs. She heard a noise from Mr Jones’ husband’s room. She was curious but she ignored it since the door was locked and Mrs Jones always made sure to lock it. I just ignored it and didn’t think anything of it since Mrs Jones had always told me sternly to never go inside that room so I went back to my room. 


Late at night, Grace stood at the small dim window and glared outside in the pitch black sky. She had heard Mrs Jones’ voice` a while ago so she assumed that Mrs Jones was back. It was currently 01:30 AM and Grace had been trying to take a nap but had failed. She’d felt starved so she decided to go downstairs to the kitchen. Even though she wasn’t allowed to go out of her room in the middle of the night  she still did. While making her way to the kitchen she heard a noise from Mr Jones room again. This time she couldn’t help but be curious. Just then she heard footsteps so she hid behind the enormous staircase. Mrs Jones came out of Mr Jones’s room and went into hers. Once she had left, Grace went upstairs and into Mr Jone’s room. When she went inside she smelt an awful smell coming from the bathroom. She went into the bathroom to see the most horrifying sight she’s ever seen in her life. What she saw almost made her collapse. She saw an unrecognizable decomposing body laying in a fountain of blood.

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