Chapter 2 – A heart of gold

Chapter 2

Forrest gazed up at the panda. Its eyes were as deep as the glimmering ocean and stood out like stars in the moonlight. Its fur was like smooth silky butter and as fluffy as a teddy bear. It looked like it had a heart of gold but who knows, maybe there’s a dark side of that heart? However this panda was forest’s only friend and was causing no harm. Forest’s heartbeat rippled through his skin and pounded through his ears. Danger echoed him. 


As quick as his skinny legs could go he paced himself and carried the little creature to somewhere safer. Bombs doomed his mind. Maybe he was just overthinking? He pinched his skin. Is this real? Trees fell. Thunder crashed. Ok, ok it was real, you don’t need to show off. Tears hid in his soul trying to escape, but all he cared about was getting this panda to a safe home. He didn’t care about himself. Nobody did. Well maybe the panda did. Or not…

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