Chapter 2 – When the Thunder Strikes

Blaze glared up at Thomas. Her eyes were shallow and hollow, shining a sapphire beam into his eyes. Her feathers fading then renewing down to Blaze’s scaly legs. Her beak glowing like the sun just starting to hide behind the horizon. Claws clenched Thomas’s skin as Blaze started to gaze at her claws; blunt and ornate. Blaze’s pupils in her eyes like pills made from shards of stars lighting the onyx night sky. Snake like legs slithered across Thomas’s arm, Thomas smiled at Blaze, however she did not notice at all.

Blaze’s personality is strange, she is brave as a lion protecting her pride, Blaze is an Osprey, she mainly feeds on fresh water fish and soars like an angel gliding in blue abyss of the perfect sky. To Thomas’s pure amazement she opened her beak and a forever going black cave attracted his eyes. Suddenly, she snapped her miniature jaws close and the sharp apex of her beak overlapped her bottom part of the beak.

“She likes you,” said Miss Cave, as Blaze started to perch on a lam post to take flight. Thomas gazed up at her and could not help it but crack a small shy shimmer of a smile. On their way back to the town, the midnight wind whistled and rustled the leaves. In Blunt Acre, the trees themselves were shivering. Moonlight illuminated the path ahead of them. Thomas sensed that they were being watched by something or someone he was aware and on guard. He stopped dead in his tracks and peered back between the trees and the bush. For a minute, he thought that he saw the misleading eyes of a small Osprey.

One summers night, Blaze was sitting on a small wooden post, she let Thomas stroke her back; her feathers trickled. Within weeks, she would cuddle up against his shoulder for scraps of leftovers from his dinner. Thomas always gave in a silently scraped spare meat and vegetables off the plate and it poured onto a small bowl made by Thomas especially for Blaze herself. Once Thomas’s chores were finished he would open the front gate and go for a small 5 mile hike up his local hill. Meaning Blaze could stretch her beautiful wings and fly for minutes maybe even a hour. Thomas adored Blaze – he had done everything for her, when he was at school doing the normal subjects of school he thought of Miss Cave caring for Blaze and pampering her to the most of her abilities.

Over the couple of months, Miss Cave began to notice that Blaze was starting to admire him and do everything he wanted; which wasn’t much.

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