Emerald the Snow Leopard

Emerald stared back at Elizabeth. Her eyes were a golden yellow like small blazes of fire. Her sharp claws looked like they could have sliced the sky in half with one paw but yet there was a warmness that made her shiver. Emerald’s fur was as white as chalk. Whiskers jutting out like a man’s beard. Her ears pricked at every crunch of a leaf.

To Elizabeth’s shock, Emerald opened her mouth. She nudged forward, sniffed her hand and licked her like a large dog. Her tongue was as rough as sand paper. Elizabeth froze, their eyes locked with Emerald’s.

“She likes you,” said Mrs. Hill in a way that seemed like she must have been in her own world. As she looked up a tail curled behind a tree. Elizabeth looked up and could not help but smile. “Emerald will be watching,” smiled Mrs. Jill. “I found her a few years back in the snow. She was a cub then, crying. Someone must have let her loose. I think they couldn’t afford to feed her, because of the war. I took her in, like a child. She grew so fast!” Elizabeth listened, amazed by the story. “She’s our secret Elizabeth. They’d shoot her, if they saw her. No one must ever know.”

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