Part 2 when the sky falls Winnie SWW

The soldier stared up at the girl with a toothy grin that Elizabeth found unbearable to stare at. His eyes were dark like an ink coloured night and had a twinkle in them that looked like a lantern lightening up the secrets that were ahead. The ***** symbol burned Elizabeth’s eye, red and raw, and it pained her to even look at the soldier. He flattened his mustache and patted his suit down until all the creases were flattened.

The twinkle in his eye was like a cheerful smile owned by a man that had written wrongs and was a traitor to the world. Elizabeth couldn’t bare the fact that a German bomber was standing in her world that he wasn’t supposed to be in. His plane was broken and the propeller was snapped almost in two. The soldier was wearing a parachute that was slowly deflating at the back of him. He talked.
“I’m Klaus,” the man said in a small voice like her own.

“He’s not that bad,” said Mrs Haller ” He is just German.” She looked at Klaus and wondered if Mrs Haller was telling the truth. The German Bomber had flown all the way from Germany to bomb Plymouth but ran out of gas to get there in time. He had crash landed in the middle of the forest and the bomb was luckily still neatly contained in the compartment at the bottom at the plane. He was able to parachute down from the sky and luckily didn’t get killed, due to the bomb that was placed neatly inside the padded the compartment.

On the way home there was a thick silence between them. Elizabeth opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.
“We’ll be watching him.” said Mrs Haller in a cracked voice. But Elizabeth didn’t speak the whole way home. She thought that Mrs Haller was a good person but she was wrong. Mrs Haller was not to be trusted and Elizabeth was still wondering about the bomb that was hidden inside the plane, in the middle of the forest. When Elizabeth walked inside Mrs Haller’s face was white with fear.

That night Elizabeth thought about the bomb and the German bomber. She wondered if the bomb would explode; it wouldn’t be safe to live here anymore. She woke with a start. Loud noises were unmistakable. The air raid siren was deafening. She looked out of her window seat and saw a loud and fiery sight coming from the middle of the forest. Exactly where the Bomber was positioned.

Mrs Haller came in with a man by her side. It was Klaus. He had changed into other clothes and he looked as he did in the photos downstairs on the sitting room. He sat on her bed and started to comfort her. It turned out that he was just a normal person that was dressed and forced to work for the German soldiers.

That morning, they went outside to see how much damage the bomb had made, and for Elizabeth to spend more time with Klaus to see what a good person he really is. Mrs Haller thought he was, but Elizabeth thought different. Mrs Haller said that he was born in Germany and moved to Britain when he was a boy. He grew up and got a job back in Germany and had to go back there. Then the war started and that is how he became an accidental traitor. Should she start to trust him?

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