When April happened by Poppy

Chapter 2
April glanced down at Joey. Her coffee brown eyes seemed to stare into his soul. Her coat was smooth like butter and a creamy colour. Her hooves dug into the ground every step she took, leaving miniature prints in the mud. She sniffed the aroma around her, the fresh scent of grapefruit and tea tree. Her ears shuddered as a gun shot exploded.

Surprising Joey, a huge purple tongue lolled out of her mouth as she pulled her lip back. She took another step closer to wear Joey’s nerves consumed him. Another step. And another. Until she was was so close Joey could feel the hot breath on his face. The purple tongue came out again but this time it bent down and licked Joey across the cheek, the hot slobbery texture melting away.

“Ha!” Karen smiled as April the giraffe hid back into the bush. She was only small April, but she was still taller than Joey. As Karen and Joey walked back to the village the bright sunshine soon replaced itself with the sudden chill of the moon. For a second he though he saw the tall neck of April but it was just a blooming tree.

“She’s watching you, “ Karen nodded to the bush April was rustling around in, “I reckon I found her about two months ago, she was so small and hungry but I soon found out she grows fast! But Joey you must tell no one, anyone find out about her and she’ll be dead as quick as a gunshot!”
That evening all Joey could think about was April. The way he licking his cheek, the texture of her buttery furr.
A few weeks later, the secret had pulled Joey and April closer together than magnets.

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