When the sky falls Part 2 Eloise SWW

Chapter 2

Kendall was shocked. Miss Rose had seemed so kind and good hearted, but she had just nearly shouted at Kendall! Suddenly, Miss Rose’s face softened. She carried on making breakfast, and poured some tea. But Kendall still had so many questions: Were the jewels real? Where did they come from? Why did Miss Rose have them in her shed? Kendall knew not to anger Miss Rose more than she already had. Although she knew this, she couldn’t help asking her one most important question. The one that would determine if Miss Rose was the person Kendall thought she was.
“Did you steal them?” Miss Rose’s facial expression showed that she was most definitely surprised at Kendall’s question. She pursed her lips, sipped her tea, and then answered.
“The jewels? Oh, no Kendall, what type of person do you think I am?”
“How did you get them then? ” asked Kendall, mouth full of bacon.

” A year ago, my husband went off to war. I couldn’t live without him and he knew that. So he left me with something. A metal tin, the same tin you saw in the shed. He also gave me a small locket that I keep in the tin with the jewels. I’ll come on to them later. The locket had two names engraved in it. Anna, my name, and James, my husbands name. He also left me with the jewels as a memory. All real. I wanted to to hang on to them forever, after, after he was, sh, shot. It gave me some kind of hope for the future, being a widow and all, looking after an evacuee, still grieving from the loss of my husband. That’s why I went out at night. I couldn’t get upset in front of you, Kendall. I still miss James. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I know being evacuated is hard, but we are going through this terrible war. And I know me getting upset over something that I can’t change won’t make it any better.” Kendall was not expecting this reply. In fact, she wasn’t expecting a reply at all! Suddenly, Kendall felt bad, and Miss Rose could see that.
” Don’t feel bad, Ken, here have my bit of bacon, and a bit of tea. You might feel better.” said Miss Rose.
Kendall wasn’t hungry, but she took the bacon and tea gratefully. She was actually quite tired, and just wanted to go to bed. She was also started to feel quite sick. Without warning, Miss Rose pulled the locket out from her neck and handed it to Kendall. ” Open it” she said. Inside was a picture of a middle age man, with a woman. It was Miss Rose with James!

Kendall went back out to the shed with Miss Rose. This time she could marvel at the jewels properly, without fearing being caught. The jewels were as delicate as a new-born baby. In daylight, the sunlight created sparkles on the wooden roof above. Now that Kendall had heard Miss Rose’s story, she found the jewels a lot more interesting and special. They must’ve been worth a lot. Kendall just had one more question.
” Where did James get the jewels?” she asked. Kendall waited for Miss Rose’s answer. It looked as if she was thinking.
” I don’t think I remem- wait! He had been saving up money, ever since his eighth birthday. A bit random, I suppose. Before he went off to fight, he decided he had nothing left to do with the money. And he wanted me to remember him. So he went and bought the jewels for me.” Kendall realised she had to keep these jewels safe. But how?

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