Chapter 1

When the Rain Falls


Kari Young always had the fear of leaving home. The time had come. She glared out the square window in sadness, letting a few tears out. She missed her family, waving to Davey the postman and anyway, the smelt warm and cosy with a small draft of wind. The room was the same place 

Mrs Grant’s oldest son slept in but he’s in France fighting at war. She gets teary whenever we say about the war. Kari was no fool and after on conversation, she had learned no to tough that one room.


Her first day at school had come. The teacher was kindly enough woman called Miss Mancini. She had soon found out she can’t write, Kari  at the back of the classroom so she could focus. Kari worked with a copy jotter and a pencil. Her letters weren’t that bad. She kept her head down and practiced as hard as she could. The bell had rang Kari was happy school was finally over.


The weeks flew by and Kari began to make out a routine. Her days were spent with fun and laughter, also she had helped Mrs Grant with chores and other house work. The weeds got picked out of the stones, they even completely did up the room so it was more comfortable for Kari. Soon, the winter had left the town and spring started a fresh day and warm breeze.


Last thing that night, Kari stood at the bedroom window, watching the stars as the slipped away. Nothing happened, except for one thing. Every night Mrs grant turned on the fairy lights outside and then she would make her way down into the forest with a lantern. What was she doing? Why did she go into the forest every night? 


Kari did not have to wait that long to find out. One night, at the start of June, When trees had come into leaf and flowers covered the forest, she asked Kari to follow her. The lantern made everything brighter and Kari trudged along behind her, Kari was not ready to show her that he was beginning to enjoy her new life.


The moon shone sown a silver light and stars shone in the sky but in the Forest, it was dark. The lantern made shadows that looked like monsters that will take you away. She hurried after Mrs Grant.


She stopped by a gate Kari peered through the gate. He could smell something intense, meaty an animal. Then two green eyes appeared out of the darkness. Something growled, long, low and deep. A throaty snarl like no other snarl. Kari gasped. She was looking at an enormous cat bigger than she had ever seen. “Meet Drax”, Mrs Grant whispered, “he’s a panther. I found him as a cub. Lost in the snow.”


Drax stared at Kari and padded forwards towards where Kari stood, paralysed with fear.


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