Chapter 2

Dumbo glared at Aisha. Her trunk was longer than a giraffe’s neck stretched out . 

Her eyes were as blue as an ocean shimmering in the night time. Dumbo’s thighs are bigger than a  rhino. Dumbo’s feet were as red as a strawberry, Pinker than a guava and whiter than the snow. Dumbo was smaller than a doggy. She crawled towards Aisha and blew water at her. Aisha was amazed.


The eager elephant vanished into the fresh bushes.  As they returned home the trees danced as the wind passed .

“I saw her in a lorry and I made her follow me out. I have good techniques .” says Miss Khan. She was so hungry and I just had made dinner and I was shopping for apples for dessert and then that is when I saw the lorry stop for shopping too. The poor elephant was so upset. BUT this is our secret if you tell us there will be no dumbo in our lives.


During that night , Aisha dreamt of dumbo’s big trunk about to splash her with water traveling through the old damp forest. Something about the elephant reminded Aisha of her brother. All of the bravery and love was being shown by Dumbo.


 Every day Aisha would sneak out in the garden to get the vegetables and feed them to dumbo since she was a herbivore. Dumbo would never move from the bed so it was hard to get her in the garden. She usually ate vegetables, fruits and grass. She was always so tired so Aisha would make her tired with her stories everyday but Aisha would comfort her.


One night , Dumbo let Aisha feed her, she would love playing with Dumbo kindly and Dumbo was a very gentle elephant she never would mess around with people she would behave. Although she would dig through Aisha for food. Aisha changed, she never did her homework. She would play with Dumbo taking her out to the garden.


In the hot summer nights, Miss Khan had now realised that Aisha had got along very well with Dumbo and the secret had done something to Aisha but that did affect everything.

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