Chapter 2


                          – Chapter 2 – The grim land of the unknown-


In the morning, the trio of rabbits were snoring away when suddenly, there was a knocking. Paw immediately sprung out of his leaf bed ,which he made at near midnight when he went time measuring. It was Vincent, who was Paws College friend. 

‘Vincent, Long time no see’ said Paw 

‘Yeah, but I got very bad news and bad news so bad words can not comprehend how bad it is,’ said Vincent. 

‘The very bad news?’ asked Paw.

‘The Gutters found your foot prints is the bad news and are coming for you is the baddest news,’  

‘ oh no Can we come on your cart?’

‘Sure thing, only if I come on your amazing journey.’

‘If you dare,’ Paw said with a chuckle ,which didn’t last very long.


As the heroes packed their map worrying that they were late they set off on their journey. ‘Why are we heading to the South West, Blue Bell Island is north west isn’t it ?’ asked Paw

‘Yeah why’ extended Pcaso and Pack.

‘Because it’s the closest boat shop to us, and we need to hit the sea fellow pirates.’

One hour later, they reached the boat shop and bought a boat and the squad of friends and family were heading to safety. When they were halfway a huge wave suddenly towered over them and smashed their boat into two. Luckily the four rabbits had the two paddles; they also spotted what looked to be a moat and an iron wall so, they paddled into it and climbed the wall. When they did so they made a huge mistake. It was the Gutters hideout, but that was when an even bigger wave and more intimidating wave appeared. Then his dagger started to glow. So he slashed it in the air and it parted the wave and the wall he was amazed.

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