Chapter 2

Chapter 2


As they wandered a little further, they found themselves a bit stuck in a cloud of thick candyfloss like mist, Mavis quickly looked at the map, “According to this map, we are almost at… Misty mountains!” “I couldn’t tell before” announced Michael. They edged closer towards the mountains and slowly the view became clearer, they could see huge caves and cliffs, and best of all… an abandoned roller coaster! Michael squealed with delight; he could not stop begging for a turn on the roller coaster. “No! shouted Melissa, “We have a quest ahead of us!” “Now I didn’t think of that one…” murmured Mike. “Wow look over there! There are four little hedgehogs staring at us,” In an instant Mike galloped up the cliff and onto the minecart. Mavis and Melissa gasped as they turned around, there in a small cave was the cowboy cat, he had a silver glittering sword which made Mavis very nervous. Suddenly, Mavis and Melissa raced up the mountain and jumped into the cart with Mike, and it sped off like a rocket down the bumpy tracks. It went up and down and left and right, it went loopy and some of the tracks were broken! “When will this end??” shouted Melissa at the top of her voice. That moment the cart jumped off the track and flew through the air, “Were not going to make it!” To late the cart slipped, and they all landed flat on top of the soft grass. “No time to lose the cat is still after us.” They were right, the cat was right behind them and then it grabbed Mavis’ plait and she was forced to the ground. Melissa fainted and Mike was frozen with fear.


They awoke the next morning in a forest, Mike was tied to a tree, Mavis was in the tree and Melissa just, I have no idea what she was doing. Mavis looked once again at the map, “were in the ferocious forest?” “Why on earth would he bring us here?” added Melissa “I don’t know, now untie me please, thank you.” Complained Mike. After getting up they were completely lost and spent the next day trying to find their way out. Finally, they were out, and Mavis said, “Right then, I think we should go to the… creepy castle, surely, we can find more weapons and resources there!”

Off they went, they had so little food and water, how would they survive?



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