Chapter 2 train tracks

Chapter 2 

As they were about to escape, I stopped and took a breath of fresh air and stared at the sky. She has never felt so relieved in her life. It is the first time she has seen the outside. Immediately she ran and started crying in happiness on the top of a hill and then she looked at dad. She felt happy, as the clouds waved by her big, beautiful and bright smile, happier than a bunch of colorful rainbows in the sky smiled at dad. She finally felt some proper love in her heart, not fake love. He just was so nice and she felt like she would love him forever. Dad looked at Violet and felt joy all around. He had not seen someone so beautiful in this town.


To Violet’s amazement, her dad gave her a huge hug and then they played a game. Dad was not just a normal guy, he had a big beard that was different colors: it was black, blonde and brown. It was very strange. Dad was wearing an old jacket that smelled very bad, some ripped up jeans that had oil or gas or something on them and a blue tshirt with dirt all over, it looked black but it was blue. His eyes were bright blue that shone under the sunlight and were blue just like a glistening ocean. He made Violet feel so safe and finally felt like she had a family well except Indigo. She had never seen her dad but she already feels like she has known him all her life……


Dad kept running with Violet like a speedy, fierce cheetah and suddenly dad ducked next to a van then he shouted”,“Violet over here get down,” She asked what was going on and he said one day my old friend Ray turned on me cause I didn’t like him anymore and he has been searching for me for years. He said that he would kill me so I will  have to get a disguise so they don’t know it is  me, Dad said. Violet was in shock and was very confused. Violet said she had a few old clothes from the train but they belonged to the old men who lived there. He was very scary and had vampire teeth. Violet said be careful cause I don’t want to go back to my mum. It’s hell in there. Dad got changed in like a second, it was like lightning speed so he ran over to Ray like a deadly animal and BANG! 


Dad  beat up Ray undercover as someone else he was bleeding a lot and they think he might have passed. Dad then gave Violet a big hug and said let’s celebrate so they found a camping site and they stayed there but at night there was a strange noise coming from the bushes. Violet said do you have anymore enemies after you and he said no well i’m not sure. Some giant human thing was walking around our tent and it was really creepy so we opened the tent and it was …

INDIGO was at the tent and so they asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted violet back but she didn’t want to go  so we rang the police and she got taken away because she was forcing her to come with her but she didn’t want to go back to that rotting old train. They hugged each other in relief that she was taken away but they couldn’t go back to sleep so they decided to explore. They were in the little forest across the park talking about life and then they heard a little howl. It was a little puppy and it had no tag or anything so we took it back to the tent. It was a cockapoo and it was a baby brown color so we named it coco. It was so cute they made a little bed next to violet and she hugged it all night long.

In the morning the dog was crying so they bought some dog food and gave it to him he enjoyed and after that they took Coco on a walk and they all had a good time talking and playing catch with the dog, they all had a good bond together . Out of nowhere they were just walking down Heyes street and there was something shiny near a bush at the top of the street so they went over to it and it was a plastic bag with something inside of it. It had a black bag inside of the plastic bag so they started to open it and it was….


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