Chapter 3

“Hello?” Asked the boys . It was summer term and they were very board. He was lost. They went to the woods to find him. The boys went different ways . Harry went right and mark went left. “Harry”! Screamed mark. The woods had more trees than usual like green trees and light blue water like a blue soul. It was very nice. It was covered with green.

He found a lost dog. “ Harry”! Screamed mark. Harry founded him . Panting for breath, harry ran as fast as he could. He gased at the dogs eyes . It was pitch black at night and home was 5 miles away. The dog was scared but they took him home. It was the good thing to do. When they got home water was dripping from the bedroom. 

They were scared and didn’t know what to do. There was a shadow. A tall one to be exact. They looked at the opposite side and saw a scary man with a dog . It was the dog they founded. He took it with him but he lost it and they got it back. The dog was safe and sounded. The dog was called Lucas. They gave him a big hug but then there was a knock on there door and there was a key hole and they saw a man not a women. It looked like there old dad.

They opened up and saw a huge man with no arm only one but also a man with on arm it was there dad. They were jumping with exitment but then this happened …

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