Chapter 3 – The rise of Covu

Aimee sat down beside Monica and stared at Covu.

She noticed the soft and silky fur on Covu’s back 

and her green and yellow eyes.

“Why should I not tell my father and mother that you are giving away 

food that we could have?” Aimee questioned 

“Because she is warm and caring just like my Ma , and I’ve never felt right here.”

Monica replied

Covu was still chewing on the meat with her pearly white fangs.

Aimee stood up as Monica spoke “Aimee , please don’t tell anyone.”

She turned to look at Monica and nodded.

Covu let out a low growl.

She tensed her body as if she was about to pounce.

“It’s only me,” Aimee whispered “I brought back some deer.”

Covu grabbed it gently. “Should we go to your cave?” Monica asked

The carnivore lead the two girls to her cave. 

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