Sienna and Lilly

Chapter 2

Lilly stared at the girls playfully, her deep orange and black fur swayed  in the breeze.Her eyes were a sunset yellow that reminded them of the burning-ball that floats in the sky.Her claws were at least 6 centimeters long. Miss Grace told the girls that she doesn’t like to use them unless killing her prey.Her whiskers poke the air they’re as thin as wire.Her ears rise as she listens to some music in the distance. Their smiles spread across their faces excitedly,Lilly opened her mouth knowing that she’s going to get some food. Her life-killing teeth were shown, they were as smooth as a book’s front cover.Lilly pounced forward in excitement.Her rosy red tongue came out as rough as sandpaper, and licked Sienna’s hand. A wave of care floats into Sienna.Now she feels safe.                                                                                                                      


‘’She seems to like you Sienna’’Miss Grace told Her,stroking her jagged back.The girls could not but smile.They were speechless in a good way.They started to walk along the old path that slept happy.The moon shone down onto the the long, narrow, old path hopelessly.As they were a couple steps ahead of where they were Amelia and Sienna both felt a shiver that went across their spines the kind  you get when you feel someone or somethings watching you. They turned round checking  all directions making sure no one was following. That’s when they think they saw Lilly’s sunset yellow eyes staring right through them.

‘’She’ll be watching’’Miss Grace told them without looking back ‘’she is protective over people that she likes,’’ she says again.

‘’I found her lost among a pile of leafs lost,scared and lonely.No food helpless.I decided to bring her in and care for her after all it isn’t healthy for a tiger to do that.’’ Miss Grace explains, the girls lessened carefully ‘’This is our secret girls, don’t tell anyone. I can’t imagine what they would do to her.Do you promise not to tell?’’Miss Grace whispers. Sienna and Amelia both nodded their heads in agreement.


That night Sienna dreamed about Lilly and how close they could get.she couldn’t stop thinking about when Lilly licked her hand,she had shuddered. Her southing low growl made her feel safe and cared for. It spoke to her soul.The next night Sienna and Amelia brought scraps of last night tea.She learnt how to set traps it was simple all you needed was a stick, box and bait it was a mix between rabbit trap and mousetrap.Once she had caught something in her trap she would take it to Lilly to eat.Lilly would carefully take it out of Sienna or Amelia’s hand.She would then hide in the bushes eating the food calmly. Giving a low, soothing raw.Lilly did hunt herself.Catching rabbits, mice, or for a big treat she would catch the biggest deer in sight. She was shy a bit but Sienna and Amelia would talk in a soft soothing voice.


One night Sienna went to visit Lilly by herself.That night Lilly let Sienna stroke her bumpy back that had silky soft fur covering her spine. Within weeks Lilly would search Sienna’s pockets for the scraps of food, always making a low soothing raw.Lilly changed since she met Sienna.She never gets lonely and she’s now happier and doesn’t get aggressive any more.Miss Grace could hear Lily raw softly in delight.


Over the past weeks Miss Grace could see that Sienna has changed the tiger and soothed her,Lilly has been happier because of Sienna Miss Grace thought.


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