When the sky falls Chapter 2

Amber glared at Tia . She is a cute brown and golden rare monkey . Her fur is soft like a little pillow and blanket, when you feel her soft fur it warms the heart of stone. Her small pink tongue is smoother and pinker than a beautiful rose .Her tiny little pink hands and her pearl white nails are smaller than a 2 year old butterfly. Her teeth are sharp like the corner of a diamond. She slowly walks forward, Tia smiled at Amber Tia was shocked


The brave baby monkey leaned on the ancient,old tree and climbed backwards on the tree.Patiently I walked home,the moon shone so bright it was like an extra torch.

“I found moning on a tree for food. Just 5 weeks ago I found her . She was starving.“whispered Emma. ”We have to keep it a secret or she will get taken if they find her. 


In the evening , Tia dreamed about brown and gold fur when in the woods.The adorable eyes disintegrate the heart of stone . At 4 O’clock early in the morning  Tia went to the bright, colorful, lifelike forest Tia would and Tia used to bring seeds and fruits like  bananas secretly.The monkey would hang on a tree. When she was stressed she would sit on Tias lap whilst Tia pets her .


One night ,  Amber allowed Tia to stroke her head .In 2 days , she would do  tricks to get pumpkin seeds, bananas and mango .Tia changed . Tia no longer was anxious, she was happy like a bee buzzing around .


When one month went by, the summer heat shone bright  . Mrs Emma saw how anxious Tia was at the start and she was happy when she came home.

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