Chapter 1-3

Rose Snuggles her teddy bear in calmness, as Mia says her goodbye. Rose crept out of the shed and locked it up. Once she got inside, she changed into her pajamas and went to sleep. Outside, the wind was hustling and bustling in the air. Inside, the warm air filled the house and caused Rose to have lovely dreams. Rose terribly missed her mum and the apple pie she used to bake every Saturday, but she is really getting used to her new home, and how warm is gets at night, no bombs or guns just silence. The gray full moon is disappearing and the bright scorching sun is appearing.


In the evening, Rose asked Mrs Berry if she could check on Mia, and maybe play for a little bit. Mrs Berry agreed, so she gathered her things and went. Once she got there, Mia was reading a book. The minute she saw Rose she jumped up in excitement. Sometimes they play board games, or even read books together. They are overcome with joy when they see each other. They always get yummy and scrumptious foods and drinks for each other, it’s just like a sleepover. But I do have to go to bed on the weekdays, so I go back to the house early, however on weekends we get to have sleepovers. Every night Rose would get worried about someone discovering Mia,and then taking her and locking her up. What if they even use her for wishes, or they put her in the museum, I thought, unstoppably.


My worries came true! One gloomy evening, I invited my most trusted friend, Gracie, to my house. After Lunch, we went to the bug-filled back garden to play. First we played hide and seek and it was my turn to seek, whilst I was counting I heard the shed open. I shrieked and turned around to Grace gaping at Mia in shockness. My secret was blown, but little did I know Grace is a trustworthy person and she keeps her promises whether you like it or not. We all went in the shed and I  explained everything, but I really didn’t need to, she just promised that “I swear on my whole family I won’t tell anyone”,so that was that.I locked the shed and went inside with Grace, Mrs Berry and Mr Berry were sipping on some coffee. I told them that Grace knew the secret and they were furious. But then Grace promised she would never tell anyone, and then they calmed down and trusted her. After a while,Grace had to go home.Some minutes passed, and her parents called saying they were travelling due to their work. So Grace could stay for a week or two, I was happier than ever.


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