Chapter 3

Chapter 3

James had no clue how to keep a pet leopard healthy and secret. He had a tent in the garage so he decided to take it. He told his mum that he was going camping with his friends so she let him go. He was going to sleep in woods with the leopard until it’s ready to go back into the wild. At night, John snuggled up with James and drifted to sleep. The next morning he left the tent with John and when to go home for some snacks. Luckily, John was still in the tent completely asleep. James woke up John and gave him the snacks. John’s favourite snack was shockingly the loaf of bread! He kept on bringing bread until one day John was gone.

James waited hours for John but never came. Just when he was about to leave the tent John came out of the forest but not by himself with twelve other leopards! Now how could he keep thirteen leopards a secret?

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