Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Over the summer holiday, Summer explored the wilderness outside and chilled on the hot beach and swam in the salty sea. She had fun. In the city, Summer had to stay inside and it was not fun. She used to read and play with her toys and that’s all, so she came to like the countryside

On the weekends, Summer spent 5 hours with Daniel and fed him and groomed him. He liked it. After school, Summer spent 2 and half hours playing with Daniel and she has dinner with Mr Round and Daniel and she some times sleeps with Daniel and she loves it.

Some one Followed Summer up and then some one see the lion and goes down and tell every one that Summer has a lion and then every one runs up and starts to frighten the lion and she lion roars and all the people start running back and one of them got eaten and the lion runs after them but Summer stopped Daniel.

The owners of the children that got chased came with blades and threatened to kill Daniel and we stopped them from killing him and then… they shot Daniel in the leg. Luckily he survived then we put a bandage on the cut that healed in three days. we where worried so we went up every day and some times Summer gets days off of school.

We might have to move to a different cottage and build a new barn for the lion so we have to pack and go to a new cottage and the name is Jiggle Jiggle and it has a bigger room and it has a barn in the back garden for Daniel.

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