Chapter 3

Petrified, the trio of rabbits started running but the chick (a baby Crow) flew too fast for them. They looked up and saw just a clump of metal that was the crow. Pin found a tree that had a giant hole in it. ”PICH HERE” Pin screamed. Quickly, they all ran to the hole in the tree.They were safe from the chick since it found it hard to see because of all the iron on its head. All of a sudden, a spider crawled along Pich’s face, she was terrified of spiders. “AAAAAAHHHHHHH,” Pich screamed. In a blink of an eye, Groot the Gorm leader was standing in front of them!!! He had A giant rabbit skull on his belt and a pin on the upper part of his left arm that said I am the king.


With a pinch of luck a crash happened which distracted Groot they took their shot and ran. With the sound of metal clanking behind them they ran faster.”h h how much longer?”Pin said while barely being able to speak,”I cant go much longer.”


After a long time of running, they slowed down after noticing that the Gorm were not close any more. ”We need to find a place to rest,”Pich said.”yuon, yuon, yuon” Pier said, pointing to the floor. Suddenly, Pin walked into a house covered in trees.The trio  stopped to rest there.


The three kittens tried to open the large door but it was too hard. Pich and Pin had to barge open the door. Pich was welcomed by a spider web to the face. It must have been unused in ages because of how many cobwebs and how much dust there was. Sweeping the dust of a sofa, the three kittens sat down.”Dinner time,”Pich said. Happily, they ate the rest of their food.


“Pin, what in the goddess is this?” Pich asked. She took out a rectangular shaped parcel, she could feel the points of many spikes, currently covered by the cloth. Pin snatched it off her and carefully opened it, caught a glimpse of a rusted metal corner. ”Well this looks useless,” Pin said, ”Pich, are you sure you did not put it in the bag?”

“I know I didn’t, I only put food and one extra pair of clothes for Pier.”

Noticing that it was bent, Pin unfolded it. ”An axe?” he said, puzzled.

Pich noticed that it said something, she read out aloud, ”Minoura.”

“Probably the name of the axe,” Pin shouted over the birds.Then on the cloth the two of them read in their heads,`This is a special axe called Minoura. Use it for good and it will always  come back. You may have already noticed but it can bend but don’t worry it is very sturdy. There is one downside to Minoura it can not cut through iron, everything else it will cut through it like soft butter.’


After a long night’s sleep they packed up all their things and headed to Sad sand.There was only one more hill to climb then they would be there. Half-way up, while standing in the bluebells, they saw an unwanted guest. The Gorm in front of the secret doorway. Standing in the exact door way that they needed to use.

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