Chapter 3

Chapter three


Once in a treehouse lived three bunnies, under dark blue skies full of midnight wind they trotted off to find mushrooms and as they were searching they saw a cave. Inside, there were lights hanging from the roof, so they decided to stay. “Let’s do this!” they added decorations, they added some bunny poofs and beds but someone was with them….


They went as quietly as mice, silently still they went to their old house to get more supplies. Paz and Pok searched,  Paz said ”morning already?” she yawned the next day “come on we have to go!” called Podkin “we are running out of time!” and with that they are gone….


As they were walking they were suddenly surprised by the Gorm. “What should we do?” Podkin screamed. “In that cave quick!” he yelled. They all ran to the cave. Once inside, Paz thought “We never opened the magical gift, did we?” 

“No, we didn’t your correct!” answered Podkin.

“Let’s unwrap it quickly” puffed Paz. They took it out of the back pack and unwrapped it “Look! Mum’s old potions, maybe one of them could help?” 

“Oh there’s one with hearts. amazingly,  it makes bad people’s luck bad like them! Let’s use it” 

“Ok” Paz and Pok grinned quickly. They each  took a sip,  got luck rocks crumbled on the Gorm and making a small exit, they all hopped out and Pok hopped with joy “We did it! We defeated the Gorm!” she squealed, “can we do another adventure?”She grinned, Podkin looked at Paz and Paz looked at Podkin he smiled and looked at Pok. “I think we have all had enough adventure for a day” and they trotted towards the gleaming sunset. 


The next night, Paz woke up at the howl of the wolves. She yawned ones more and went to get a cup of milk and berries she sat on the one of the bunny poofs and started to eat she gazed at the hungry wolf, she left the others to sleep and went out the wolf was very young a pup to be honest she gave it some berries “Here” she said smoothly the pup slowly licked them and barcked happily she sang “Rockabye puppy in smooth grey skies so long in the night” she sang quietly “Rockabye puppy so long so tight fall asleep in night.” She looked at the pup smoothly asleep, smiled and slept with her all night. “Rockabye puppy in the night rockabye puppy good night” awwwhhh!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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