Chapter 3

Sunny was outside watching the clouds so happily .The wind was so calm blowing her joyfully like a  mouse eating a piece of cheese happily, Sunny was liking the new place she lived. She watches the clouds in the afternoon and in the evening watching the bright star. Sunny also likes watering flowers that were her favorite chores in the house but her father has always been going to work and sunny felt like her father doesn’t exist  any more like before she wakes up he has gone to work and before he’s back she has gone to sleep but that’s not her problem because she got her sister and also her best friend ,so she was so fine and she still love every one.


Sunny and her friend found out the secret but they had to keep it safe or they will be in the orphan and her father might be in jail for like a hundred years.she was so shocked and she had no idea about what to do so she immediately called her father and said she is staying with her friend for the night so he said ok.sunny was so happy but her best friend told everything to everyone , the next morning sunny woke up with a surprise ,she  immediately looked in her window and she was furious .


The corps where outside her house and her best friend was at the middle of the crowd .sunny was highly disappointed at her best friend sunny immediately got an ideal so she ran downstairs and the corps already wanted to put her dad in prison so she went outside and shouted that it was all true but it was her ideal of making all this plan she had to go outside but they already wanted to take her father so before the corp’s has driven.Suddenly, we heard a loud voice,It was the new neighbor called Ella, she was from spanish and she could also speak english. But how did she know what’s going.Didn’t tell her anything suddenly she told them in a spanish language that they should leave and their boss was calling them. Suddenly,she said i knew you secret and she explained everything to me and told me i do not have to worry so i took my best friend out of my house and i told her to never come to me again and i turned to Ella,took her inside the house and from that day on  Ella and I became best bunny and we lived happily ever after.


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