Chapter 3

The summer holidays stretched ahead like a piece of gum stuck on the wall. Everyday Amber would go on a walk and take a morning stroll in the small town. By the time everybody else was awake she was already up and made her breakfast by herself. Without Amber realising, the rivers and forests were slowly becoming what she was used to seeing every morning. Outside, the weather was always sunny and never foggy and the atmosphere was always positive and healthy. Inside, it was always just a small cottage with a warm fireplace cackling. But in the city where Amber used to live in was really busy and wasn’t as quiet and peaceful as the small town she was living in now. You could hear people shouting, trying to sell food at their stands, and cars honking at each other. Amber was starting to like this new place she was living at was starting to feel more at home.


At night, Amber would make way for her night time routine just to go out into the back garden shed just to play with Alisa. Sometimes they wouldn’t play and just spend quality time together. Whether it was just sitting down together and laying on the grass and looking at the starry night sky, while talking about all of Amber’s troubles. And surprisingly Alisa understood. It would always put a smile on her face knowing that Alisa was by her side. Every once in a while when they would be sitting in the night sky,  Alisa would hear rustling in the bushes. She would jump on to her feet and start making a run for the bushes. She would return with a bunch of rabbit species such as, Rex Rabbits, a mini lop rabbit, and a Holland Lop, those were her favourite three to catch.


 The one thing that would keep Amber up at night was that she was worried about Alisa getting caught. In the daytime, Alisa would keep herself in the cage Amber had decorated her with stickers. At night, she would rome around the village for hours and would come back early in the morning. She was almost impossible to catch Alisa, but Amber would still have a fear of it happening.


It happened. The one thing that Amber was worried about happened. One night when Amber wanted a treat for her and Alisa, she was collecting logs in the bushes so she could create a fireplace until, she heard a high pitched scream and growling. She came closer and closer to the sound to see the next door neighbours daughter and Alisa. “DON’T JUST STAND THERE AND LOOK, HELP ME!” said Ava with a part of her skirt on the floor and out of breath. Amber rushes towards her and grabbs Alisa. “A..A..Amber, you know this horrible creature?” Alisa snapps as soon as she finishes talking and starts snarling at Ava. “Keep still Ava, and then she’ll stop attacking you.” whispered Amber as Alisa starts calming down. She hands over a perfectly skinned rabbit to Alisa and she gobbles it down. Ava took her chances and spirited over the fence to her house. Amber could hear a loud loud thud and she knew that Ava fell over the fence. Alisa looked around trying to see where it was coming from but just hopped out of Amber arms and back into her cage. The secret had been kept for so long and Amber was upset that she had broken the promise Mrs Amana told her to keep. When she returned home, she and Mrs Amana had a really long conversation about what they were going to do with the situation. They were thinking about moving Alisa somewhere else. Mrs Amana suggested they take her to a hidden valley where she would not be disturbed or caught.

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