Chapter 3 by Ollie SWW

Chapter 3

The summer holidays were closing in like waves from the savage sea. Every day, Sam wondered of to the park (where the cool children play). To Sam’s surprise, the park was deserted only one or two children were there unlike the city it would be full to the brim. City buildings were so dull no green and always the unclean air but the country side was blanketed with colours and the super smelling air was refreshing. tall grass swaying in the wind it was parricide.

At the dead on night, Sam darted into the deep dark woods ; sometimes Sam would sit and play chess with the Sabretooth (which is an actual Sabretooth). Then they stare of into the sunset and maybe look at the stars. every so often sabretooths ear would poke up form a rustle in the bushes; then would return with an unlucky rabbit. They got to know the great barn owl who flew like a silent ghost across the fields and the nightingales who still sang their mournful songs.

The one thing that worried Sam was that someone might stumble across Sabretooth. In the daytime, he kept Sabretooth hidden inside the darker depths of land, sleeping in the thickest places where the bushes and brambles offered camouflage. At night, he wandered over many miles but given his dark fur, and shy nature, he was almost impossible to see.

Suddenly it happened, one night on the 16th of October Sam was making his daily trip when he saw the unbelievable. Sabretooth as was going to out of it hiding place growling. Sam then realized it wasn’t any bug he was trying to scare it was a human. ” RUN SAM IT IS A SABRETOOTH,” Shouted Noah. Remembering in a flash, Sam realized it was nerdy nosy Noah the most hated kid in the village. “What are you doing here?” Sam asked. “I know everything and so will the village,” confected Noah,

Sam walked into the house head drooped like a disapproved idea. ” what is wrong with you,” Miss Tucker asked. ” Well Noah knows about it…” I began. A look of horror spread across her face. They came up with three ideas: Kidnap him and take him to the fire; Tell everyone it is fake or hide sabretooth somewhere else.

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