chapter 3-the chase for life

 Chapter 3 – The chase for life.   


He was amazed, However ,that amazement didn’t last long when he rethought that they were in the Gutters home base. Then an enormous shadow ascended over them. At that moment ,Pcaso let out a little ‘eek!’ It was the The gorm leader’s gut face; it seemed that they were now on the cliff of life and nearly going to fall into the sea of death.

 The stories say if you’re captured by him your death will be slow and painful. Then Paw came up with an idea he suddenly stuck the dagger into the wall and pounced onto the dagger ,then onto the wall ,took out the dagger and lended down his hand and with his other arm he stuck the dagger in the other side of the jagged wall. Then the other three rabbits grabbed his hand , and climbed the spiked wall.’ We have another problem.’ exclaimed Vincent. 

‘The Moat!’ Shouted Paw. Then the dagger shined again and instead of slashing he   raised the dagger ,and it made the the world into a abyss leaving only the squad there in sight they .So walked forward and it made the world reappear but they were across the moat ,and the dagger turned into 3 katanas. Vincent ,Pcaso and Pack looked speechless; he was missing an ear! Then the gate of the base opened ,at that moment three katana holders appeared one one side. He put the katanas in the holders and they all ran. 1 minute of running passed when Paw said ‘how far can those horses run?’ 

‘I Don’t know’ said Vincent ,Pack and Pcaso then at that very moment Pack was captured then the Gutters horses ran back to their base. Then one of the gutters said ‘This was a distraction now we have the whole island surrounded including bluebell Island’

‘NO…!’ shouted Paw. There was nowhere to run now.

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