Chapter 3- The Glort Escape

Chapter 3 – The Glort escape.


As they hid in the abandoned house they heard the terrifying metallic Glort so they evacuated the abandoned house and went to the mountain. Later that day, they found themselves at the entrance of Mountain warren.They saw the colourful lakes and then he saw an item on the floor. It was a magical bag. Potxkin put his hand in it and found a warm coat that was too big for the mysterious bag itself but it fitted Potxkin perfectly. He let everyone else put their hand in it and they got a coat that fitted them perfectly too. There was a note on the bag saying, this bag gives you what you need at this moment in time. The coats were enough to keep them warm. Potxkin put it on his back and then they found the main Mountain Warren .They went inside but then something fell on them. It was a metal cage. Podkin thought it was the rabbits putting up a trap for the Glort but then they realised that it was something else… They realised it was the Glort and they were captured by them

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