Chapter 3 when the sky falls Winnie SWW

Chapter 3

The wind would howl and the coldish summer breeze would blow Elizabeth’s hair. The rain soaked earth was soft underfoot and the trees would blow gently. Lush green leaves dropped over the bright green meadow. The gentle, green grass would sway in the meadow and the sweet smell of pollen would fill the air. The call of the birds would fill the clear air and the comforting call of the birds would sing them to sleep under the trees. Klaus and Elizabeth would drift off to sleep after they would hear the call of the nightingale.

The half term had seemed to drag on for the last few days now and and their bond became stronger. After school, they had spent hours together and they started to come inseparable. His face started to grow kinder. Klaus had started to trust Elizabeth like a friend. One Thursday after school, when the sun was shining, Klaus Haller decided that they would go over to the Moor and take the boat round the lake, and glide along the glassy waters. Some days they would watch the clouds move round the cerulean sky and wait for the the rain to soak them to the skin. They would splash in puddles until the rain would stop or until it was time to go into tea. And on the a cold evening he would take her to bed and say to her, “Good night,” He would say in a gentle calm voice “Don’t let the bombs bite.”

One night, Elizabeth worried about Klaus and the remains of the plane that hid in the forest. Her nightmares would grow more scary and more realistic. She would wake up with a start and not get back to sleep again. When this happened, she wondered if her nightmare was going to happen in real life. She would comfort herself with a glass of hot milk and a biscuit she had made with Mrs Haller and Klaus. They were better the next day. That was what Mrs Haller said anyway. What Elizabeth knew, was that one day their bond would be broken by someone.

On a Monday morning just before school, Mrs Haller decided that Klaus and Elizabeth could pop down to the woods and pick up a few blackberries (for a new recipe that she was going to put in her cook book). When they got to the woods, they found raspberries and blueberries as well as the blackberry that Mrs Haller had requested. It was quite a still morning and the sun was shining brightly. It was a perfect day for a picnic, but unfortunately she had to go to school.

Hoping all of the bombs had exploded, they decided they would carefully go down to the wreck site where the German soldier had crashed (and they hoped wouldn’t end up part of the wreck site). They heard a voice in the distance and the crunching of leaves under the people’s feet. The people were getting closer and louder. The people suddenly came from the trees and they saw the Klaus, the German soldier. One of them was her teacher.

The people ran. Far, far away. They were gone, and that was good. Minutes after, Klaus and Elizabeth walked home. When they got in, there was only one problem. Her teacher, the one that saw Klaus, was in her house! What was going to happen now?

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