Chapter3-suspence builds



With a spark, Penelope had a horrible thought in her head about the sandwiches they ate several hours ago. She thought “ Why couldn’t I possibly think of that, if someone gave the gorm sandwiches he’s not up to something good  because everyone knows the Gorm are the absolute opposite of heroes and they never have anything good in mind.” Penelope Told Paisley what she thought because she was worried about what they had eaten. Paisley replied, “ Oh no! Maybe those sandwiches were for us but not a gift but poison, do you still have the note?” Penelope handed Paisley the note and she turned the note around and read aloud, “ Here are the sandwiches you asked for and yes, I will help you trap them pesky children, it will make them sleep for hours and they will wake up at 1 in the morning. Hope you appreciate it and remember my prize, By MNC” Penelope responded with, “So they really were for us!”


They both thought very hard about the past to think about what MNC stands for. They had no idea about who this rabbit was,so they continued to walk. Several hours later, their feet were hurting and eventually found themselves in the middle of a circus. They were so desperate to sit down that they entered a random room. In the room,there was a lady rabbit that twirled her hands around a galaxy ball that only she could see in. She had a surprised grin on her face as if she was already waiting for them. Suddenly she said, “ Hello there children, what do you need from me, potions?” Penelope responded,“Not really, we have been walking for ages desperate to find a place to sit, and no we don’t need any potions, but thank you for asking.” The trio stepped out of the door as the lady called out, “Stay here children,you can rest for a couple of hours or days, really just come and sit down you poor children.”

The rabbits stepped in again and the lady led them to her secret room of potions.

It was like being in space but with different coloured spaceships around you.


“Would you like some tea children?” The lady asked as Penelope and Paisley nodded with a smile. Pippin was snuggling in his cosy basket already asleep. The lady had golden coin earrings and a chain headpiece matching her necklace. Even though Paisley was happy she was a little suspicious,she noticed that her name was Madame Nicole Cleo and then she looked back at the note for Scramashank and noticed the difference. “ We have to get out of here, look!,” said Paisley alarmed, pointing at the crystal ball with the lady’s name on. Penelope said, ”Oh no we need to get out, we chose the wrong shelter!” 


They ran out of the house and out of the circus gates. After a while,they found a strange little abandoned hut and decided to go in. The hut wasn’t too dirty and the objects were as clean as a freshly cleaned window. They sat down on the chairs and Paisley reminded Penelope of the object they had collected before setting off for their adventure. Penelope opened the wrapped up weapon and saw a note. On the note,it said ‘dear children if you see this, well we just want to say that this is not a normal bow and arrow. It’s the magical bow and arrow that has been passed down many years ago and was once your father’s and now is passed on to you. You have to shoot it at the enemy and it will play music and will kill them. Be careful while using it and don’t make it go in the wrong hands. We hope you stay safe.

Love Mother and Father.’ The children started crying desperately wishing their parents were there. Instantly Penelope found a tag on the Bow…. Mostu… that is the name of the bow.

“I wonder why dad always said, armour can defeat, but music can stop heat beat?”, Penelope remembered, sighing. They unwrapped the precious gift and slowly it started to beep. On the bow there was a map not any map, no papermap or card map but an electronic map.“It seems that it tells you where you are! Let’s keep going, we are nearly there!”,Paisley said energetically. 5 hours later, the trio arrived at another bridge that took them to their forest destination but all of a sudden there were two terrifying creatures that looked like…The Gorm!

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