Marcus and Jadon

Every day, Marcus sent a letter home saying about what had happened. He never said anything about Jadon. After he wrote his letters, he would go and feed Jadon (the wolf). He would eat anything such as: rabbits, deer, moles, birds, chickens and lots of things like that.  The summer holidays are coming now and it will get really hot. And it is already hot in this weather (18 degrees celsius). Marcus is thinking about getting Jadon a little but thick paddling pool, so that he can keep himself cool and entertained. Mrs Smith ordered a paddling pool for Jadon and me. And then went to Jadon right away. Jadon was so excited. Suddenly, a man was walking by and saw the paddling pool. He walked over without them noticing and then he stole it…

One Response to “Marcus and Jadon”

  1. Well done Oscar and Tyler, this is really good. I like that you have used brackets and said ‘such as’ and named lots of things in a list. To make this even better, you could maybe say how the man broke in like was it a fast action, was he quiet? Good job, I really liked it!

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