Mountain Goblin


A mountain goblin is a rare and unique species of goblin. Usually, they live on snow-capped mountains and only come out during the night because the sun is too bright for their eyes. They live off a diet of insects and bark from tall trees because there is nothing else to eat. Amazingly, mountain goblins can leap up to 10 feet across to reach trees for food! 

Mountain goblins have grey, stony skin and have been known to cover their bodies in snow. It has been reported that they are extremely hostile to intruders and even kill their own kind. Strangely, most mountain goblins leave their territory for unknown reasons. 

We do not know many things about the mountain goblin although we do know that they have enemies. Some people have seen mountain goblins throwing rocks at thunder clouds. Scientists believe that thunder goblins are archenemies of mountain goblins.  

Thunder goblins are a rare form of goblins that have harnessed the ability to control lightning and thunder. They have killed many people and are extremely aggressive. Experts reckon that the goblins do not like each other and are at war. 

As a result of the conflict with thunder goblins and humans, mountain goblins are now exceedingly rare and there are about 200 in each country that has mountains or cliffs. Some people have reported thunder over mountains and rocks clambering up on the mountains. That is why most people are evacuating cities with mountains and cliffs etc. Experts are doing rehabilitation programs so that one day, mountain goblins can be a widespread population once again. 



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