Not a secret anymore

The summer holidays leaped as fast as the BFG. Suzie checked her pockets as she walked gleefully towards the forest. Outside, the countryside voices overlapped Suzie ears as the road behind became history. The sky hugged itself into the shape of Alexa as Suzie looked up. Usually, when Suzie was back home she could hear her brother saying rude things to her but nowadays it was just joy and laughter all around her.


Late in the evening, Suzie would make her way through the bushes to find Alexa’s cave where she would be snoring lightly. Every night, The two best friends would gaze at the night sky, keeping eachother warm in their little fleece blanket. Sometimes, Suzie would watch Alexa trot off into the woods, coming back with her own little feast. Suzie would giggle as she ferociously chomped on it. Alexa’s nose would twitch to the smell of dead deer and before you knew it she was gone in a blink, coming back with her second feast. You could hear owls hooting, foxes howling,mice squeaking and your warm fire blazing through your pupils. Suzie knew that Alexa was scared that poachers might come and hunt her and she wasn’t the only one. In the daytime, Alexa would have to force herself to sleep in the corner of her cave so that her bright fur was nearly impossible to see.  At night, her fur just bothered her. When she tried to hunt her prey would see her, when she tried to hide from Suzie she was noticeable and most of all when she tried to sleep predators would disturb her. They were both scared.


Their thoughts happened though. One evening, when Suzie was climbing through the bushes she heard a shriek then a growl. She knew something was up. She sprinted as fast as a racecar only to find Millie (her school best friend for life) shakingly pointing at Alexa.

“S-s-snow leopard,” she stutters, “ you’re hiding a snow leopard.”

Suzie walks up to Alexa stroking her back to calm her down.

“What are you doing here Millie?” she asks through clenched teeth. By the time Suzie turned around Millie was making a run for it screaming “Snow leopard! Snow leopard!”

“We need to take you someplace else.” Suzie knew it was the right thing to do. Soon after, she found herself sobbing words like “I didn’t mean to do this to her,” and “This is all my fault.”

“Deary me,” Mrs. Kilding tutted, “I guess we’ll have to move her back to the house.”

Suzie wiped her tears “Really, we can really do that?”

“Yes my dear. Now stop crying or else you’ll end up a bony rat like me.”

They walked along to the door as the sun tucked itself into bed.


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