podkin chapter 3

In the blink of an eye, what appeared to be a dark, mysterious shadow, stood tall. It was Metalscraper, the terrifying Gorm leader. His body was covered in metal from head to toe. Cautiously, Peter ducked under a large tree trunk trying to stay out of the way. In MetalScraper’s hand was a Gorm maker sword. He looked up into the sky and watched the evil owl still circling above. Metalscraper let out a mighty roar, charged and leapt, flinging his sword at the evil owl.


With the sound of screeching armour and the cawing of metal crows chasing after them, the three little rabbits ran as fast as their tiny paws would carry them hoping they would leave behind them the dangers and onwards to safety


After many hours travelling, their feet were tired and aching. “We need to find somewhere to rest,” said Payton. We can’t  go on much further. Then, she spotted a large hole in a grand tree.


Walking in the tree, the rabbits saw it was a Dirty, filthy Place.They cleaned it up ten minutes passed and they fell down like a boulder rolling down ‘food’ sead Pip ‘ok let’s eat something’ said Peyton. They ate nettles, river water and mushrooms.


SleepingPeter woke up’we did not open the tall parcel.He woke up the others and said”let’s open the tall parcel. Excited, Peter ripped the paper he saw a golden trident with symbols of fire,air,water,earth and metal.Peter said”Its Wefwetrident, it can control any element.


After a night’s sleep, the trio gathered their thing’s and journeyed onward towards zap yellow mountains.




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