Shark life

Chapter 1

It was a sunny day we went to the beach but when I was alone the was a lonely baby shark

So I had 2 choices take him home or leave him. I took him I put him in a old turtle house from 

My old pet turtle Jeff I filled it with water and put a lid on it and took him home I put him in my room 

and my mum made dinner I watched the news and it said “Breaking news! The baby shark from the aquarium has disappeared in the ocean there sending a hunter to find him he’s coming to

Chorley to see if it’s there.” But I live in Chorley I whispered. Then it was night I finally figured

Out what to call the baby shark it’s the name of my favourite film “Jaws” I put a sticker on the 

Turtle house saying jaws. In the morning he grew bigger then I fought what happens if he

Grows bigger than the tube so I put him into the shower in my room. Then the door bell

rang and it was the animal hunter! To be continued…

Chapter 2

The hunter came in and said “Do you have a baby shark living here?” In a deep voice. I said no! That is nonsense why would there be a baby shar… then a splash interrupted us the hunter ran upstairs and then I tried to lure him away but then jaws was gone! Then the hunter left the house and my sister had put jaws back in the turtle house and showed my parents! To be continued…

Chapter 3

My parents were questioning me and then I told them we had to bring home home. Then my mum said “ok I’ll call the aquarium” then I said no! The ocean my parents agreed then the hunter was spying on us the hunter chased after us and then I went back to the beach to put jaws back 

Then when we got there he grabbed me then jaws bit him and jaws family came and and they were hungry and I said bye to jaws and we promised we will go to the beach every day to see him.


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  1. Maddy and Nayna July 4, 2022 at 9:29 am

    This is very good Jayden punctuation and capital letters are missing in places but overall it was very good. Well done we think this is a great peace of writing .

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